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Natural disaster creates opportunities.

When cyclone Thane struck Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry in 2011 the devastation was quite significant. The afforested areas in Auroville; where Worktree is located; sustained heavy damage, it was estimated that some 75% of tree cover was lost. A specific tree species, Acacia auriculiformis, was among the felled trees in large quantities. Acacia is a beautiful and strong wood and it seemed a pity that it should be cut in to fire wood. The idea to create wood products was born then. The tree; locally known as the “worktree”; naturally became the name of what is today an established wood crafting workshop.


Source local, manufacture local.

Worktree is committed to the environment and local community, all our wood is locally sourced from sustainable forests and all products are crafted by craftsmen from the local community. Our products are created from 100% natural wood, we do not used composites, wood pulp or plywood. This sets us apart from many other brands that make wood products in factories abroad out of wood sourced from overexploited forests. Furthermore we treat our products with Tung oil, a 100% natural and food-safe oil.

Simple and classic design for durable products.

Our wood products are simple, crafted with an emphasis on good design, quality and durability. We decided to choose from among a few classic home items and recreate them. Everyday kitchen utensils and tableware, practical accessories and a range of wood toys. Wood products are timeless and beautiful. They add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

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